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in the Almenwelt Lofer



NEW IN WINTER 2019/20:
Worldwide first ski lift company with 2 childproof 8-seater chairlifts

The new 8-seater chairlift SenderExpress is the third investment into a new lift in the last 8 years and means a tremendous increase in quality. In addition to the already existing childproof 8-seater chairlift Almen 8er Schwarzeck and 6-seater chairlift Family Express, arrives with the new 8-seater chairlift SenderExpress another efficient, childproof and state-of-the-art chairlift with bubbles and seat heating.

The new valley station has been moved 70 meter further downhill. Therefore we could create a new piste and optimize and broaden the existing pistes. The mountain station stays as it was at Schönbühel, 1623 meter above sea level. The northwards located pistes at the new lift offer great quality, even in the afternoon or in spring. Additional benefits come with saving costs in snowmaking, since the northwards facing pistes require substantially less artificial snow.

With this state-of-the-art Doppelmayr lift, a top-modern D-Line, Almenwelt Lofer is worldwide the first ski lift company with 2 childproof 8-seater chairlifts. The lift shows attractive and futuristic designs and offers highest capacity with 3400 people/hour in the overall completion. Access will be much easier and comfortable, even for small children, with the leviable conveyor belt.

Current pictures of our new 8seater chairlift "SenderExpress":

Technical data:

  • Length:
    1.200 Meter
  • Capacity:
    3.400 P/h (bisher 1.800 P/h)
  • Altitude difference:
    290 Meter
  • Speed:
    5,0 m/sec.


Construction progress mountain station - pictures of June 26:

Construction progress valley station - pictures of June 26:

Construction progress route / downhill extension - Pictures of June 26:

Pillars 14 + 15 at mountain station already finished!

Construction of pillar number 8- pictures of July 09:

Construction of pillar number 8 and 13 Pictures of July 17:

Progress route and valley station: Pictures of July 25:

Mountainstation and reservoir:



Enough snow and well groomed slopes provide the best conditions for a great ski holiday. Almenwelt Lofer has built one of the largest water reservoirs in Salzburg with a capacity of 135.000 m³ for winter 2014/15, located near the mountain station of the 4-seater chairlift Schönbühel. This means 3 times as much water available for artificial snowmaking for Almenwelt Lofer in the future.

Impressions of the new water reservoir, summer and winter:



After realization of the last big project, the new cable car Almbahn I in 2011/12, our ski resort expanded again in the season 2012/13 – with a new and modern 8-seater chairlift and investments into an artificial snow system. The “Almen 8er Schwarzeck” is the world’s first childproof 8-seater chairlift with weather protections hoods, heated seats and foot rests.

The most modern 8-seater chairlift is designed especially for families with children. 100% secure transportation can be assured to our skiers due to the security rail. The rail closes automatically after entry at the valley-station and re-opens only shortly before getting off at the mountain station, making falling off the lift during the ride impossible.

The additional capacity of the new lift increased to 2.400 people per hour, which reduces waiting time in Almenwelt to a minimum, even on highly frequented days. Furthermore it opens up to additional and especially wide downhill slopes. Besides the new and wider range of slopes, the expansion offers a stunning and breath taking 360°panoramic view from the mountain station of the chairlift at an altitude of 1565m. This panoramic view is spectacular, you can see the Kitzbühler Horn, the Chiemsee, the Berchtesgadner alps, the Leoganger and Loferer Steinberge as well as the city of Salzburg.

Facts of „Almen 8er Schwarzeck“:

  • //
    childproof security rail
  • //
    weather protection hoods
  • //
    heated seats and foot rests
  • //

    length: 950 meter

  • //

    vertical height: 210 meter

  • //

    capacity: 2.400 p/hr at present

  • //

    final stage: 3.200 p/hr



New 140m „magic carpet“: One of the longest covered conveyer belts in the alps (called „magic carpet“) has been developed in winter 2012/13. This conveyer belt is perfect for children and beginners. For the first time, the belt has been equipped with an exit in the middle (this way, beginners can exit before entering the steeper part). It guarantees a wind and weather protected transport and replaces 3 old drag lifts.

Photovoltaics system: The south side of the „Almen 8er Schwarzeck“ valley-station has been rebuilt into an environmental-friendly solar panel system. This system, area of 240 m², produces enough electricity to enable operation of various T-bar lifts in Almenwelt Lofer.

Free Wireless LAN: Let’s get online! At 6 highly frequented areas, wireless LAN hotspots have been installed: Valley- and mountain station Almbahn I, valley- and mountain station Almbahn II, Family Express, 4er Schönbühelbahn mountain station as well as mountain station of Almen 8er Schwarzeck.


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Ski season ended, all lifts are closed! Thanks to all visitors! Start summer season Saturday, May, 18, 2024!
Ski season ended, all lifts are closed! Thanks to all visitors! Start summer season Saturday, May, 18, 2024!