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Name/Ski- and hiking area:


Almenwelt LOFER
Bergbahn Lofer GmbH
Lofer 275
5090 Lofer


+43 (0)6588 8450*0


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Live Webcams:

12 Live-webcam-pictures under

Company's register-no.:

FN 46911 m, Handelsgericht Salzburg
ATU 33503802
DVR 0665215

Bank details:

Salzburger Sparkasse Lofer
IBAN: AT382040401000304501

Bank details:

Raiffeisenbank Lofer
IBAN: AT133506000000018887

Family ski area:

640 - 1.750 m

Winter options:

10 Seilbahnen und Liftanlagen
(+ Zubringerliftlift + Zauberteppich 140 m, überdacht)

Groomed pistes and slopes:

46 km

Valley run:

9 km

Snow making:

80 % der Pisten beschneit

Cross country ski tracks:

Loferer Alm, 2 - 4 km


17.730 Pers./hour

Summer options:

8-seater cable car / Almbahn I (reconstruction in 2011)
Exit at 1000m / Loderbichl (middle station)
6-seater cable car / Almbahn II from Loderbichl to the top.
Both cable cars, Almbahn I and II operate during summer!
Lookout tower at Schwarzeck
Bike trails, see bike map
Adventure playground at mountain station Almbahn II
7 beautiful round trails with panoramic views
Music events Almenwelt: 4 x during summer music and fun in the sun!
New: Lofi treasure hunt for kids


Adventure trail "Auf die Alm" Begins at middle station/Loderbichl Explore 12 interesting stations along the trail Up to Loferer Alm along beautiful waterfalls, may also be hiked from top to bottom!



  • 1959:
    Construction of T-bar lift Faistau - by family Vitzthum
  • 1960/61:
    The company Loferer Skilift GesmbH was launched by the former mayor and chairman of the board Mr. Josef Färbinger in conjunction with several locals.
  • 1960/61:
    The first skilift was the Postalm T-bar lift.
  • 1970/71:
    The company Bergbahn Lofer GesmbH was launched consisting of currently 380 sharholders, most of them are locals.
  • 1970/71:
    Construction of the first 2-seater chairlift in the region of Salzburg (until then only 1-seater charilifts existed), it was called "Sonnegg-Bahn". Construction of T-bar lift "Nachbaralm" (from Loderbichl to "Nachbar" hut).
  • 1973:
    Loferer Alm T-bar lift (built 1951) and Schönbichl-Nord-T-bar lift (built 1965) - both lifts purchased from Rother KG and reconstructed into electric drive.
  • 1974:
    Schönbichl-Ost T-bar lift is being built. Township of Lofer built the so called "Großparkplatz" by the cemetery as well as parking lots by the Färbinger and Poschacher field.
  • 1975:
    Construction of Loferer Alm Bahn II (2-seater chairlift). Mountain station was located above "Wena" (not by Haus Gertraud/Soderkaser).
  • 1976:
    Construction of Grubhörndl T-bar lift.
  • 1982:
    Reconstruction of the 2-seater chairlift Loferer Alm-Bahn I into a 4-seater cable car (10 year old, used cable car from Mellau/Vorarlberg)
  • 1990:
    Construction of a new 4-seater chairlift instead of the Schönbichl T-bar lift (the T-bar valley station was reconstructed into a restaurant and the chairlift valley station was relocated 300m further down).
  • 1993:
    Construction of children's lift valley station.
  • 1996:
    The old 2-seater chairlift Bahn II was replaced by a new and modern 6-seater cable car (from Loderbichl up to Loferer Alm / Haus Gertraud).
  • 1997:
    2 new comfortable children's lifts replace the old children's lift.
  • 1999:
    Installation of a complete new ticket system - hands free.
  • 1999:
    Begin of installation snow making system.
  • 2000:
    Installation of second part of snow making (downhill run to valley).
  • 2000:
    Reconstruction of Loderbichl T-bar lift.
  • 2001:
    Construction of water reservoir lake "Wena" (40.000m³).
  • 2001:
    Construction of Wena lift - rope lift.
  • 2005:
    Construction of 6-seater chairlift "Family Express" (replaces Alm- and Ost T-bar lifts).
  • 2006:
    "Family Express" gets weather protection hoods and seat heating.
  • 2007/08:
    The snow making system is being extended from 9 to 50 snow making machines and lances, therefore the basic snow making for the skiarea (9 out of 10 lifts) and the downhill run is covered.
  • 2009:
    Opening of Lofi Funline! Pistes- and slope corrections.
  • 2010:
    NEW - 300 parking spaces (P3 parking lot) - located 250m above the valley station (initiated by Arno Stainer sen.). Extension of snowmaking Postalm, slope corrections, development of the FIS training slope.
  • 2011:
    Reconstruction Almbahn I: The old 4-seater cable car is being replaced by a modern and comfortable 8-seater cable car! Capacity expansion (1400 p/h up to 2400 p/h).
  • 2012:
    Ski area expansion: World wide state-of-the-art, child secure 8-seater chairlift to Schwarzeck, extension of snow making.
  • 2012:
    Construction of 140 m conveyor belt, photovoltaics facility by Almen 8er Schwarzeck, 4 WLAN Hotspots, 360° camera mountain station of Almen 8er Schwarzeck.
  • 2013/14:
    Construction of second water reservoir lake (135.000m³ capacity) including pump facility and extension of pipes towards Schönbichl valley station.
  • 2016:
    Investment in further snow making machines.
  • 2017:
    Entering ticket association "3 Länder Freizeit-Arena" with 7 ski areas.
  • 2018/19:
    Investment into a new 8-seater chairlift "SenderExpress" - Worldwide first ski lift company with 2 childproof 8-seater chairlifts!
  • 2019:
    Expansion of parking lot P3 from existing 300 to 450 parking spaces.
  • 2020:
    Expansion of snowmaking and pumping capacity, compressor as well as expansion of pipes "Kamelbuckel", increasing number of snow making machines to 91.

Almenwelt Lofer
Lofer 275
5090 Lofer

Tel.: +43 6588 84 50-0
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Ski season ended, all lifts are closed! Thanks to all visitors! Start summer season Saturday, May, 18, 2024!
Ski season ended, all lifts are closed! Thanks to all visitors! Start summer season Saturday, May, 18, 2024!