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Name/Ski- and hiking area:


Almenwelt LOFER
Bergbahn Lofer GmbH
Lofer 275
5090 Lofer


+43 (0)6588 8450*0


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Live Webcams:

12 Live-webcam-pictures under

Company's register-no.:

FN 46911 m, Handelsgericht Salzburg
ATU 33503802
DVR 0665215

Bank details:

Salzburger Sparkasse Lofer
IBAN: AT382040401000304501

Bank details:

Raiffeisenbank Lofer
IBAN: AT133506000000018887

Family ski area:

640 - 1.750 m

Winter options:

10 Seilbahnen und Liftanlagen
(+ Zubringerliftlift + Zauberteppich 140 m, überdacht)

Groomed pistes and slopes:

46 km

Valley run:

9 km

Snow making:

80 % der Pisten beschneit

Cross country ski tracks:

Loferer Alm, 2 - 4 km


17.730 Pers./hour

Summer options:

8-seater cable car / Almbahn I (reconstruction in 2011)
Exit at 1000m / Loderbichl (middle station)
6-seater cable car / Almbahn II from Loderbichl to the top.
Both cable cars, Almbahn I and II operate during summer!
Lookout tower at Schwarzeck
Bike trails, see bike map
Adventure playground at mountain station Almbahn II
7 beautiful round trails with panoramic views
Music events Almenwelt: 4 x during summer music and fun in the sun!
New: Lofi treasure hunt for kids


Adventure trail "Auf die Alm" Begins at middle station/Loderbichl Explore 12 interesting stations along the trail Up to Loferer Alm along beautiful waterfalls, may also be hiked from top to bottom!



  • 1959:
    Construction of T-bar lift Faistau - by family Vitzthum
  • 1960/61:
    The company Loferer Skilift GesmbH was launched by the former mayor and chairman of the board Mr. Josef Färbinger in conjunction with several locals.
  • 1960/61:
    The first skilift was the Postalm T-bar lift.
  • 1970/71:
    The company Bergbahn Lofer GesmbH was launched consisting of currently 380 sharholders, most of them are locals.
  • 1970/71:
    Construction of the first 2-seater chairlift in the region of Salzburg (until then only 1-seater charilifts existed), it was called "Sonnegg-Bahn". Construction of T-bar lift "Nachbaralm" (from Loderbichl to "Nachbar" hut).
  • 1973:
    Loferer Alm T-bar lift (built 1951) and Schönbichl-Nord-T-bar lift (built 1965) - both lifts purchased from Rother KG and reconstructed into electric drive.
  • 1974:
    Schönbichl-Ost T-bar lift is being built. Township of Lofer built the so called "Großparkplatz" by the cemetery as well as parking lots by the Färbinger and Poschacher field.
  • 1975:
    Construction of Loferer Alm Bahn II (2-seater chairlift). Mountain station was located above "Wena" (not by Haus Gertraud/Soderkaser).
  • 1976:
    Construction of Grubhörndl T-bar lift.
  • 1982:
    Reconstruction of the 2-seater chairlift Loferer Alm-Bahn I into a 4-seater cable car (10 year old, used cable car from Mellau/Vorarlberg)
  • 1990:
    Construction of a new 4-seater chairlift instead of the Schönbichl T-bar lift (the T-bar valley station was reconstructed into a restaurant and the chairlift valley station was relocated 300m further down).
  • 1993:
    Construction of children's lift valley station.
  • 1996:
    The old 2-seater chairlift Bahn II was replaced by a new and modern 6-seater cable car (from Loderbichl up to Loferer Alm / Haus Gertraud).
  • 1997:
    2 new comfortable children's lifts replace the old children's lift.
  • 1999:
    Installation of a complete new ticket system - hands free.
  • 1999:
    Begin of installation snow making system.
  • 2000:
    Installation of second part of snow making (downhill run to valley).
  • 2000:
    Reconstruction of Loderbichl T-bar lift.
  • 2001:
    Construction of water reservoir lake "Wena" (40.000m³).
  • 2001:
    Construction of Wena lift - rope lift.
  • 2005:
    Construction of 6-seater chairlift "Family Express" (replaces Alm- and Ost T-bar lifts).
  • 2006:
    "Family Express" gets weather protection hoods and seat heating.
  • 2007/08:
    The snow making system is being extended from 9 to 50 snow making machines and lances, therefore the basic snow making for the skiarea (9 out of 10 lifts) and the downhill run is covered.
  • 2009:
    Opening of Lofi Funline! Pistes- and slope corrections.
  • 2010:
    NEW - 300 parking spaces (P3 parking lot) - located 250m above the valley station (initiated by Arno Stainer sen.). Extension of snowmaking Postalm, slope corrections, development of the FIS training slope.
  • 2011:
    Reconstruction Almbahn I: The old 4-seater cable car is being replaced by a modern and comfortable 8-seater cable car! Capacity expansion (1400 p/h up to 2400 p/h).
  • 2012:
    Ski area expansion: World wide state-of-the-art, child secure 8-seater chairlift to Schwarzeck, extension of snow making.
  • 2012:
    Construction of 140 m conveyor belt, photovoltaics facility by Almen 8er Schwarzeck, 4 WLAN Hotspots, 360° camera mountain station of Almen 8er Schwarzeck.
  • 2013/14:
    Construction of second water reservoir lake (135.000m³ capacity) including pump facility and extension of pipes towards Schönbichl valley station.
  • 2016:
    Investment in further snow making machines.
  • 2017:
    Entering ticket association "3 Länder Freizeit-Arena" with 7 ski areas.
  • 2018/19:
    Investment into a new 8-seater chairlift "SenderExpress" - Worldwide first ski lift company with 2 childproof 8-seater chairlifts!
  • 2019:
    Expansion of parking lot P3 from existing 300 to 450 parking spaces.
  • 2020:
    Expansion of snowmaking and pumping capacity, compressor as well as expansion of pipes "Kamelbuckel", increasing number of snow making machines to 91.
Almenwelt LoferLofer 2755090 Lofer Tel.: +43 6588 84 50-0E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Operating times pre season until July 3,2024 every Thu, Fr, Sat, Sun and Mo from 9 am - 4:30 pm - daily operation starts July 4, 2024!
Operating times pre season until July 3,2024 every Thu, Fr, Sat, Sun and Mo from 9 am - 4:30 pm - daily operation starts July 4, 2024!