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Almenwelt Lofer is member of „Austria's best summer mountain lifts". We are certified in the categorie "Family-mountain" AUTHENTIC MOUNTAIN EXPERIENCE! GUARANTEED!

Only the best cable car companies, which meet a set of stringent criteria and offer quality-tested experiences will be awarded with the certification mark „Best Austrian summer cable cars" by the association of cable cars of the Federal Austrian Ecomonic Chamber.

Over 60 outstanding summer lifts guarantee experiences second to none. Are you yearning for adventure, enjoyment, art, a family idyll or unique panoramas?

Over 60 summer lifts in Austria promise opportunities beyond compare, bringing the mountains to life for each and every visitor.

Through its initiative "Beste Österreichische Sommer-Bergbahnen" (Austria's best summer mountain lifts), the lift division of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce gives recognition only to those companies which offer quality-certified experiences and meet a set of stringent criteria. Regular inspections guarantee that these companies live up to their promise of exceptional quality. The palette of opportunities extends from beautiful theme hikes and near-natural downhill trails for mountain bikers, to magical restaurants treating guests to magnificent panoramas. The ideal foundation, in other words, for truly exceptional and authentic mountain experiences.

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Summer season has ended - thanks to all visitors of Almenwelt Lofer!
Summer season has ended - thanks to all visitors of Almenwelt Lofer!