COVID-19 safety measures for a safe Winter holiday 20/21 at Almenwelt Lofer

The safety and health of our employees and guests is top priority after a well running summer season. Let’s follow some rules, and we may enjoy a beautiful winter season. We are starting into the Winter season on Saturday, December 26, 2020. The Covid-19 code of conduct regulations of the Austrian Federal Government will be applied and in relation to these, Almenwelt Lofer applies the following measures and precautions for the coming winter season 2020/21, these measures will be evaluated continuously.
Code of conduct (Status: December 21, 2020)

  • Obligatory mouth-nose-protector (MNP/FFP2 masks)
    • For passenger transport in ski busses, cable cars and chair lifts, the same rules https://www.bmk.gv.at/en.html apply as for public transport: Wearing a facial mask (MNP), mouth-nose-protector is obligatory. Persons, 15 years and older: Wearing a FFP2 mask is obligatory! You can buy these for 2€ at the ticket counter!
    • We all together (employees and guests), will do our best to keep the appropriate distances during transport in gondolas and cable cars.
    • Number of persons in cable cars and chair lifts: The reduction of the maximum permissible number of persons in the gondolas and chairlifts is 50% and is lawfully obligatory.(For example 8seater cable cars or chair lifts are allowed to transport 4 persons). During transport in the gondolas, chair lifts and other lifts, wearing a mouth-nose-protector is obligatory.
    • At the ticket counters you may purchase multifunction-scarfs (count as MNP). At Almenwelt Lofer you may buy them for 1 € each (size 50 x 28 cm)You can also buy FFP2 masks for 2€..
    All employees of Almenwelt Lofer, restaurants, ski schools and sport shops with direct contact to guests must wear MNP.
  • Frequent disinfection of cabins
    • The cable cars and toilet facilities are being disinfected regularly with special cold fumigation tools. This special cold mist spreads out long lasting and floating droplet clouds, which eliminate 99,99% of all bacteria, viruses and spores on surfaces within a very short time. This active component leaves no remains, it is non-toxic, pH neutral, eudermic, eye-friendly and 100% bio-degradable.
  • Hygiene precautions
    • Please wear mouth-nose-protectors (MNP) in closed rooms, in the access areas of ski-lift stations, valley- and mountain station, ticket counter areas, ski depos, ski rentals, shops and restaurants of the ski area. Also keep sufficient distance to other persons of at least 1 meter for your own safety.
    • There are sufficient disinfection dispensers at the cable car areas, shops, restaurants and public toilets for your convenience.
    • Pay attention to according ventilation in the cable cars which is given.
    • Employees of Almenwelt Lofer will be tested (PCR tests) regularly.
  • Queuing areas, operating hours, transport capacity
    • Queueing areas will be organized accordingly, so that sufficient distances can be kept. Information signs will inform you about relevant preventive measures.
    • During vacation weeks like 4 weeks in February, lift operation already starts at 8:00 am (during high frequency) to relieve morning peak times. In the remaining weeks operating hours are as usual from 8:30am to 4pm.
    • Allocation of ski passes: Owners of multiple-day and season passes will be transported in any case. On peak days with extremely high frequencies, quota limitation (sale-stop of day tickets) may be possible.
  • Restaurants and après-ski in the ski area
    • All Restaurants and hotels, pensions (in the valley and on the mountain)are closed until approximately January 18, 2021. From January 19, 2021 (if operation starts)the following measures apply:
    • Wearing a mouth-nose-protector (MNP) is obligatory on the way to and from the tables as well as in the free-flow-area and toilets.
    • You don’t need a MNP while sitting at the table. All restaurants watch out for the lawfully required distances between tables, or if necessary, plexi- or glass dividers are installed. All tables will be disinfected after each guest.
    • 1 meter minimum distance between give-out stations and for customers minimum distance to persons of other guest groups.
    • Not more than 10 people (plus minors) per guest group.
    • No consumation of drinks and food right next to the give-out stations.
    • Indoors and outdoors - consumation of drinks and food is only allowed when seated.
  • Measures of ski schools
    • Ski schools, ski rental and shops are closed until January 18, 2021. From January 19, 2021 (if ski schools, shops are open) the following measures apply:
    • Ski courses (group- and private lessons) will take place – a mouth-nose-protector (MNP) is recommended in the ski school, ski rental, ski depot, meeting places and in the group lessons. (also kids, 6 years and up, if the necessary safety distance of 1 m cannot be maintained)
    • Deconcentration is planned with courses, meeting places and ascending times. Ski races for kids will take place.
    • Detailed information directly available at both ski schools: HERBST: https://www.skischule-lofer.at and STURM: https://www.skischule-lofer.com
  • Events
    • March 19 – 21, 2021 Carven, Ziachn & Zithern:
    • Only on sunny days – if live music and entertainment can take place outside.
    • Weekly ski-show of ski school HERBST:
    • Will not take place due to precautionary regulations.
  • What can you contribute to your and our safety
    • Wearing a mouth-nose-protector (MNP)or FFP2 mask in designated areas and in closed rooms.
    • Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter to other persons.
    • Wash and disinfect your hands correctly and frequently.
    • Sneezing or coughing into the crook of the arm or into a tissue.
    • Avoid handshakes when greeting.
    • Please stay at home if you fear that you might develop symptoms, or stay in your accomodation. Call the hotline 1450 for information and instruction (24 hour hotline).
    • Pay by card at ticket counters and restaurants if possible/restaurant Schönblick and Loderbichl paying by card possible .
    • Show personal responsibility for yourself and your family, please note, that only with your caution and care you may protect yourself and others.
    We will do our best to provide a safe and relaxing winter holiday for you. Only with your help and caution it will be possible to protect yourself, your family, other guests and us. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE!

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